UP TO 33 kV

SGB-SMIT POWER MATLA (previously known as Powertech Transformers) designs and manufactures Liquid Neutral Earthing Resistors (LNER) at system voltages up to and including 36 kV.  The fault current and duration specifications are as follows:

  • 2kA for 30s ≤ 11kV
  • 2kA for 20s ≤ 22kV
  • 2kA for 10s ≤ 33kV

Also as part of our range are Neutral Earthing Resistors (Combination Units) (NECRT) with system voltages up to and including 36 kV.
The Fault Current & Duration specifications are as follows:

  • 960A for 30s ≤ 11kV
  • 960A for 20s ≤ 22kV
  • 960A for 10s ≤ 33kV
  • 10A Continuous Rating

We have the skills and resources to deal with customer needs, however complex these may be in terms of engineering or assembly requirements; special accessories and special materials or components.